“Now you have a chance to avoid all biggest mistakes every futsal managers makes!”


Dear futsal manager,

Do you know, that statistics shows, that about 80% of those, who start their own futsal team fail and quit managing? Do you know, what is the main reason of failing?

No, not because, they don't know, what futsal is and have no futsal experience – if fact, they can be great futsal players in the past.

Not because they lack motivation – most of those, who made a decision to create their own team and manage it simply cannot wait to do it!

The main reason is well known since a long time ago – it's the lack of information about practical (technical) side of managing a futsal team!

Just imagine these numbers – 8 out of 10 newbies in futsal management fail because of the lack of practical experience in management.

Although there is nothing new in it. Just ask yourself...


What do I need to succeed in managing my own team?

Let's take the simplest version:

[1] You need a place to train – an indoor pitch, which would be available for you at least 2 times a week (training once a week is the same as not training at all) and basic equipment.

[2] Discipline among players. Nothing is possible without it.. Not even with the best players in the world;

[3] Objective. Why have you started a team? Is it for having fun, winning trophies, fulfilling personal ambitions etc.?

[4] Determination in reaching your goals. You are going to face problems, hard decisions and tough situations and you better be up to that.

[5] Basic knowledge about futsal management in order to avoid stupidest mistakes and not lose time, health and money because of that.


As a result even the simplest structure of the successful futsal management leaves the newbie with a lot of questions:

[1] How do I find a good place to train and equipment and how do I pay for all that?

[2] How do I get my players to listen to me and how do I increase the discipline among them?

[3] What is the best purpose for managing a team? How should I behave in each case?

[4] How do I know, what decisions to take in different situations and where can each of these decisions take me at the end?

[5] What should I do to make my management more effective and how do I get my team to better results?

[6] Where can I take the basic information about futsal management?

[7] How should I know, what is the best thing to do in different situations?

[8] How can I avoid mistakes if I don't even know, what problems and situations may occur?

… and about 10 more questions like that are in the heads of newbies in futsal management.


Where a new futsal manager, who never managed a team before, could take knowledge of a successful futsal management from?


Not a single one newbie in futsal management can know the basics of a successful futsal management and possible mistakes he is about to make on his way to success. Therefore the FIRST thing to do is to learn these basics of futsal management and to learn, what the most popular mistakes every futsal manager is facing on his duty are. And the most important is to learn, what to do to avoid these mistakes!

Only then you can try to add something extra to your style of management – try new methods, test that, analyze and change the process to make it more suitable for you.

You have got to crawl before you walk! It's not possible to succeed while acting the other way around.

Most of the people, though, are “running in front of the train” and cannot understand, why they try so much, but there is still no improvement.




What if I want to learn on my own mistakes?

Don't worry you will still have a chance to do that. The most important for you is to make as less mistakes as possible.

Yes you can try and search for the best method to manage a futsal team – dig in the Internet, talk to your friends, try your own ways, make your own mistakes, learn, try again etc. etc. Although get ready to spend a lot of your effort, time and money, while doing all that.

Applying this approach is the same as playing the lottery – your chances of succeeding in futsal management in this case would be about 15%. Up to 85% of new futsal team managers (who could’ve succeeded with the right approach) fail or get so exhausted of all these manager duties, that at the end all they want is to get out of the whole management process and even quit playing futsal at all.


So, what is the right approach to learning about futsal management?

I will explain in a second, but first of all let's get acquainted..

My name is Artyom Samoylov and my passion is futsal management!

Everything concerning:

[1] creating a disciplined futsal team;

[2] setting right objectives of a futsal team;

[3] finding the best ways and methods of achieving these goals;

[4] improving the atmosphere within a team;

[5] leading and motivating players;

[6] finding the best solutions to problems in a daily futsal manager's life;

[7] dealing with sponsors;

[8] increasing the effectiveness of a training sessions;

[9] promoting a futsal team;

[10] making a website of a futsal team;

[11] choosing the right players for a team and detecting, what players should be out of the team too;

[12] avoiding stupidest futsal management mistakes;

[13] saving time, money and effort, while finding the best way to manage a futsal team etc.

Basically all these futsal management processes and duties - all this IS MINE! This is my job, my hobby and everything I am interested in and can do almost 24hrs per a day.

Sadly or gladly, guys like me are a rare case. Most of people find all these futsal management processes very tough to learn.


The information (drills, tactics, combinations, advices etc.) given in any of my products is completely UNIQUE


and is NOT repeated in any of my other products!


My job is to help you avoid losing time, effort and money on your way to becoming a successful futsal manager!

So I sit down and started to work on the e-book, which would’ve contained the story of 20 biggest mistakes of futsal management. These are mistakes, that I was making, when I managed my team for a first time and mistakes, that I saw other managers where making, while managing their teams. I also asked 12 different futsal managers from my native country Latvia, so as from England and Norway. These are countries, where futsal is growing very rapidly these days.

As a result after 7 month of daily work I came up with my first e-book called “15+5 Mistakes Every Futsal Manager Should Avoid!”. In this e-book I gave an illustration of 15 most popular mistakes, which my colleagues-managers were facing in their day-to-day work as futsal managers. Another 5 mistakes where the ones, that I chose for even closer look – there is a detailed research about each of them with useful recommendations of how to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

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Not a long time ago I decided to make some corrections in this e-book in order to update some information and also added some aspects, which the older version did not contain. I also decided to change the name of this e-book to “Biggest Futsal Management Mistakes”.

This e-book contains very concentrated information on the mistakes, that you can make being a newbie in futsal management and on how to avoid them. If I read something like this, when I managed a futsal team for a first time, I would save at least 2 years of time and would have avoided up to 95% of mistakes, that I made during my first years in futsal management.




You are probably wondering, what is in this e-book exactly?

5 sources of information, that was used in this e-book:

[1] I've read about 35-40 books and e-books about futsal (coaching, management, tactics, strategy, psychology etc.). This is my biggest source of theoretical information about different futsal aspects. So, when I was making my own e-book, I had to chose the issues, that would concern exactly futsal management. The theoretical information about futsal management, that I present in my e-book, has a mission to give a newbie in futsal management exactly the kind of information, that he would need at the exact moment, when he would need it.

[2] Since 2008 I am constantly involved in many discussions on international Internet futsal forums, where people (newbies and experienced futsal managers, coaches and players) share their thoughts on different problems and also ask their most concerning questions about the problems, they face in their day-to-day futsal life. Therefore I am well informed about, what are the most recent problems, futsal managers are dealing with.





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[3] I have many friends among futsal managers (both amateur and professional), who I often talk to and discuss many futsal issues. During the process of making “Biggest Futsal Management Mistakes” we discussed every of those 20 mistakes, that I am writing about in my e-book.

[4] I already have about 1500 subscribers and I am receiving over 50 e-mails a day and at least a half of them is with the most concerning questions about futsal management (I am giving answers to many of these questions in Futsal FAQ Booklets). This also gives me a good idea of what are the most important problems of my subscribers, who also manage their own futsal teams.

[5] Finally I have managed my own amateur futsal team back in Latvia. I have created this team from 0 (gathered people, found the place to train, created a training plan, coached my players, leaded the team in tournaments etc.). During the period of two years, while I was managing it, I managed to go thought every big and little process of futsal management, therefore I know exactly, what problems have those guys, who just started their own futsal team. I have also coached 12 and consulted about 40 different amateur futsal teams and managers. Today I am the futsal coach of U16 guys from local Football Club here in Flora (Norway).



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As a result I have created a complete Guide to Futsal Management Mistakes, which contains such information as:

[1] how to make your training sessions maximally effective;

[2] how to structurise your training sessions, so there is enough time for all necessary drills;

[3] what are the things to focus your attention during training session;

[4] how to chose the right level of intensity for your training sessions;

[5] what should be the differences between pre-match and after-match training sessions;

[6] how to create a positive image for your club;

[7] how to promote your club's image;

[8] what is necessary to make your team's website more popular (detailed step by step instructions);

[9] what should be done to improve atmosphere in your team;

[10] why is atmosphere within a team so important;

[11] how to define, what players your team needs;

[12] how to decide, what are the players, that should never play in your team;

[13] how to communicate with different types of players;

[14] what are the key motivational factors for different types of players;

[15] how to make players understand, what you want them to do;

[16] how to talk to your players in different types of situations (we took the most popular situation, that can occur - after the team lost a match, after a victory in the tournament, during half-time break etc.);

[17] what is the most important mechanism of influencing your players;

[18] how to give promises, that you can fulfill as a manager;

[19] how to find a sponsor for your team (detailed step by step instructions of where to look, how to approach etc.);

[20] how to write an effective letter to your potential sponsor;

[21] how to deal with the sponsor;

[22] what to remember, when signing a contract with a sponsor;

[23] how to make a good relationship with your sponsor;

[24] what should be done to get a renewal of a sponsorship deal;

[25] how to stay in full control over your club, when a sponsorship deal is signed;

[26] how to analyse the matches of your team;

[27] how to analyse the matches of your opponent;

[28] how to effectively analyse matches if you have little resources (people, time and money);

[29] how to use the abilities of your players and your staff with maximum effectiveness;

… and much much


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And now imagine – all this information is helping you achieve success in futsal management. And how much time, nerves and money would you lose, if you learn on your own mistakes.


Actually that's not it...


I have also prepared 3 free bonuses for you, which would make the information, I present in the e-book, even more complete.


Bonus Nr.1 “Futsal Team Training INFO” (*.xls)


4$ (For you - 0$)


This unique scheme is very easy to use and it will give you the possibility of combining in one single file such information as:

[+] Amount of players participating in every training session in the current month;

[+] Name of every player participating in every training session in the current month;

[+] Amount of dollars (or any other currency), that every player should pay for attending training sessions;


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[+] Amount of dollars (or any other currency), that every player has already payed for attending training sessions;

[+] Amount of dollars (or any other currency), that you will get in a team's budget after everyone of your players has payed for attending training sessions.

[+] I also provide you with an Instruction of how to use this scheme.


Bonus Nr.2 “Match Analysis Sheet” (*.doc)

3$ (For you - 0$)


Match analysis sheet will help you analyze your games. With the help of this scheme it will be much easier to take notes, while watching games. It provides you with key aspects of the game, which should be taken into account, while analyzing a futsal match.


Bonus Nr.3 “Match Situation Analysis Sheet” (*.doc)

3$ (For you - 0$)


With the help of this specially designed sheet, you will be able to analyze specific situations, which occur during the matches of your team. On only one single sheet you will be able to put information about:

[+] what was the specific situation, that occurred during the match and that you would like to give your attention to;

[+] what were the player's actions and decisions in this specific situation;

[+] what are your thought about the decisions a player made and about, what's to be done about it;

[+] what is the drill going to look like, with the help of which you will be able to simulate this specific situation during your training session;

[+] what will the variations of this drill would be;

[+] what are the key points, that you would like your players to understand about this situation.

[+] This sheet will be very helpful in after match training sessions.


If you buy “Biggest Futsal Management Mistakes”, you will receive all these bonuses absolutely for free.


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How much does it all cost?

Normally you would be paying for this:

9$+4$+3$+3= 19$


But I will give it all to you just for:


ONLY 9$!

You will save 10$!


So just for 9$ you get:


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Product description:

Price: 9$ (PDF)

Language: English

File format: PDF

Pages: 97 + Bonuses.



Split the price!

If you have at least 10 players in your team, you can split the price between them. This way it will be only 0,9$ for the e-book per a person!


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FAQ about ordering products from


1. How fast will I get the book?

I send the e-book out to you within first 12hrs from the moment when I receive your payment on one of my accounts. 

2. Is there any customer support?

If you have any questions about the order or the course itself, just write to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , I will respond within 24hrs and we will find a solution to any of your problems.

3. How can I pay for the book?

When you place your order, you will be offered to choose one of the several ways to pay for it. Just choose the best one for you.

4. What minimum experience in futsal management do I need to successfully implement all the advices from the book?

The book is useful for a futsal manager of any level of experience.

5. Do I have to pay for bonuses too?

No, the bonuses are included in the price, so you don't have to pay for them.



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Working for your victories!

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