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Futsal is all about creative play. There is more time on the ball for each player and for the team as a whole – that means there is a better chance to get creative and play fast, quick and beautiful combinations.


This set of drills is specially designed to teach your players to play fast, creative futsal!


What do you get in the end?

25 videos of drills. The DVD costs 19$ (free delivery).

It means, that you only pay 0,76$ for each video of the drill!





With this set you will improve such skills as:

[1] Quick passing (1 and 2 touches)

[2] Through pass

[3] Pass and move

[4] Rotating positions

[5] Possession

[6] First touch

[8] Speed etc.


Take a look at some examples:


The information (drills, tactics, combinations, advices etc.) given in any of my products is completely UNIQUE

 and is NOT repeated in any of my other products!




Split it!

If the total amount of players in your team is 10, it’s only

1,9$ from each player! For 25 videos of drills!



“Futsal Internet College” ( is a great resource centre to all who are involved in futsal. I’ve bought some products and gained a lot of new knowledge on how to manage a futsal team with fewer mistakes, how to use tactics and prepare my team for a tournament. I highly recommend futsal products of Artyom Samoylov to other coaches and managers, so that they too can benefit from it. Thank you, Artyom!”

Awang Zaifulizan Abdul Rahman bin Awang Mohamed (ZAI)

Chief Administrator, Vikings Futsal Sarawak & Borneo Regional Office (EAST MALAYSIA)






How does it work?

[1] Cick ORDER NOW button

[2] Add the DVD to the BAG

[3] Enter the BAG and procede to checkout

[4] As soon as I get your payment I am sending you the DVD


FAQ about ordering products from

1. How fast will I get the DVD?

From the moment when I receive your money I need 48 hours to send you the DVD. You will be getting a confirmational email from me.

2. Is there any customer support?

If you have any questions about the order or the course itself, just write to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , I will respond within 12hrs and we will find a solution to any of your problems.

3. How can I pay for DVD?

Click ORDER now and choose the way to pay.

4. What minimum skills do my players need to successfully implement this course?

The course is easy to understand and implement. All drills are chosen in a way, so a team of any level could successfully put them into practice.

5. In what format is the course?

The course is in DVD (video) format.


Working for your victories!

Artyom Samoylov, CEO

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