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Futsal is an ideal game for scoring goals! With only 4 field players there is a lot of room for showing skills, complete fast combinations using just 1 or 2 touches on the ball, play fast and attractive short-passing game etc. In the same time the game can also flow rapidly from defense to attack in a matter of seconds – with the help of just 2-3 passes. In futsal goals can be scored without actual shots at goal – often all, that's necessary, is a high level of passing and combination play!


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I'm often asked, how to dramatically improve the attacking potential of a futsal team, when the time is limited?

Especially for these people I have spent over 8 years gathering information about futsal coaching and almost 4 more month to create a set of the best futsal attacking drills, that would help to solve this problem..

From: Artyom Samoylov

Topic: Best Drills to Improve Futsal Attack

Dear futsal lover,

My name is Artyom Samoylov. I am the CEO of Futsal Internet College ( I've been constantly involved in futsal since 2003. And during this time I managed to read over 60 books about futsal, organize 12 futsal tournaments, captain and coach my own futsal team during 2 seasons, help to coach 23 different amateur futsal teams, consult almost 80 futsal team managers from all over the world, write an e-book on futsal management which was sold with almost 400 copies during a period of just one year, make a couple of DVDs etc.

On a daily basis I receive over 70 questions, suggestions and requests about futsal and almost half of it in one way or another is about futsal coaching.

Since my 1st publication about futsal thousands of people, involved in futsal coaching, came through me. Some of them succeeded, some of them – not.

Once it became perfectly clear to me, that there is a group of people, who would like to create an amateur futsal team capable of playing attractive futsal, completing beautiful combinations, scoring many goals and winning games. Although these people strongly lack the time to find information about the best ways to improve attacking potential of the team, create drills that would help not only to develop certain player's skills, but also teach the team to work as a unit and increase the level of attack. It all takes a lot of reading, planning, drawing, practicing, making corrections and then practicing again. All these processes take a lot of time!

It would take months and maybe even years to create the best set of drills, which would really give a result!

But where can you take the time? Most of us have jobs, families, studies, kids, other hobbies etc.

Therefore it's not so surprising, that I often get such e-mails:

 Is it at all possible to make a futsal team full of amateurs, capable of competing against really good opponents, win games and titles without reading a lot of coaching books, going into all these details about futsal coaching etc.? Not all people have time and motivation to do this..


Artyom, I never coached futsal before, but I would really like to start my own team and teach it to play attractive futsal and have a shot at winning titles! Can you recommend any drills, which I could use to make a fast start?


I am coaching my own amateur team, which participates in a local league. My players are not worse (sometimes even better) in comparison to other team's players. We can pass the ball, can shoot and everything seems to be O.K. Although during games we have huge difficulties with scoring. Every goal we score is like a little miracle for us! :) Can you, please, recommend some drills, that could help us learn to score with ease?

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Are you facing same problems?

I hit the web in search for advices and specific drills for improving futsal attack levels. I wanted to find specific set of drills, which would only concentrate on improving certain skills, which are necessary for increasing the level of attack of a futsal team.  This was not that easy as it looked at the start.

So I had to dig deeper in my own database of futsal drills, into the books, that I have. I spoke to my colleagues – futsal coaches from Norway, Latvia and England. I had to come up with the certain pack of necessary skills, which should be improved in order for a team to be stronger in offense and the certain set of drills, which would help coaches to work with their players on improvement of these skills.


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The set of drills would also have to be:

[1] Effective – the drills should be concentrating on the fastest development of exactly those skills, that have positive influence on the development of the level of futsal attack;

[2] Easy to understand – even inexperienced coach (even the one, who never coached before) should be able to understand, how the drill works and how it should be implemented;

[3] Variation – there should be different variations of every drill, so the coach could decide, what variation to use with his players (depending on their skills and experience in futsal);

[4] Well understood – every drill should be described very clearly, so even inexperienced coach could easy understand, why the drill is needed, what is needed to set it up and how to implement it;

[5] Visualized – not only the text should describe, how the drill has to be developing, but there also should be a picture (a scheme), that would show the whole process from its beginning to the very end.



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Take a look at it for yourself!


For the years of futsal coaching and creating futsal educational materials I have learned that the traditional approach of explanation won't do here. Usually you have to provide the theory first and only then should you go to teach some practices of coaching.

In this set of drills a theory is minimum. I simply:

[+] give you the best drills for improving futsal attack, that I know;

[+] provide you with the main objectives of every drill...

[+] show you, what is needed to set the drill up...

[+] explain, how every drill should be implemented (step by step)...

[+] show you the graphical image of what is going on during the drill (where the players are standing, where the coach is, where the ball is, who makes the first pass etc.);

[+] give you a couple of variations in case the coach needs to make some little changes in order for the drill to be more suitable exactly for his situation...

[+] based on a theory of futsal coaching and my own experience, give you examples of what the coach should shout in different situations in order to make his players do exactly, what is expected from them...

[+] provide you with my recommendations of what is to be done and how it's to be done in every drill...


The information (drills, tactics, combinations, advices etc.) given in any of my products is completely UNIQUE


and is NOT repeated in any of my other products!


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Think about it. Maybe this set of drills will help you to improve the attacking potential of your team in a short term perspective.

This set of drills is really effective and gets you the result. No matter, what your circumstances are. I choose the best drills for you and give it to you along with my recommendations and different variations, so they could provide result within a team of any level.

To create this set of drills I spent about 4 month of daily work. You can save all this time and get results much faster. If you are a busy man, you will appreciate this opportunity.

I am convinced, that after you integrate these drills into your training schedule, not only your players will significantly improve their skills, but you as a coach will become more experienced too.

In the process of integrating this set of drills into your training sessions, you will realize, how you get more and more ideas of your own of how and what you should coach.


Take a look at it for yourself!



This is not all...

If you purchase 30 best drills for improving futsal attack, you will also get bonuses. Each of these bonuses normally costs 8$, but you would get them absolutely for free!


Bonus nr.1

“3 Drills for Improving Futsal Shooting!”

8$ (For you - 0$)


Bonus nr.2

“Another 3 Drills for Improving Futsal Shooting!”

8$ (For you - 0$)


Bonus nr.3

“3 Drills for Improving Futsal Passing”

8$ (For you - 0$)


Bonus nr.4

“3 Games for Improving Futsal Attacking Skills”

8$ (For you - 0$)


Bonus nr.5

“3 Drills for Improving Futsal Speed”

8$ (For you - 0$)


Bonus nr.6

“Power Circle Drill”

8$ (For you - 0$)



This way instead of paying 8$ + 8$ + 8$ + 8$ + 8$ + 8$ = 48$

for all these bonuses, you will get them absolutely for free!

You save 48$!


You get:

30 drills + 3 drills + 3 drills + 3 drills + 3 drills + 3 drills + 1 drill

= 46 drills! Just for 17$ (PDF)!

That's only 0,37$ for every drill!


Try PDFs for free!

Here are 3 additional sample drills, which I give you for free, so you could try them out.

Download free Futsal Attack Drills, by clicking HERE

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Some reviews from my customers:

Your materials saved a lot of my time!

I was searching in the Internet for a very long time for something like that. From time to time I was finding some useful information about, how to coach certain skills in futsal. Although it was never something really good...

In this set of drills I found explicit amount of necessary drills to coach my players effectively: coach fast and concentrate on the skills, that are needed in offensive play..

Great work! Expecting more of this in the future!

Jónatan J. Hilmarsson


Well done! This is something I see for the first time in the web.. I have tried different books on futsal, but there not so many really good drills in them. I am glad, that I didn't have to read a lot of boring theory. Just take a look at the picture, read recommendations and you are an expert already!

Thank you!

A. Bobiensky


Dear Artyom S.,

This was exactly, what I needed. The thing is, that my team is struggling to score goals.. this is the hardest part for us. Thanks to this course I have managed to improve passing levels of my players and teached them to understand each other better, when in possession of the ball.

I specially liked the section “What a Coach Should Shout” - very useful and helps a lot!

Best regards,

Nilam Misra


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FAQ about ordering products from

1. How fast will I get all materials?

I send the PDF set to you email within first 24hrs maximum from the moment when I receive your money on one of my accounts.

2. Is there any customer support?

If you have any questions about the order or the course itself, just write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , I will respond within 24hrs and we will find a solution to any of your problems.

3. How can I pay for PDFs?

Just click ORDER NOW button.

4. What minimum skills do my players need to successfully implement these drills effectively?

This set of drills is specially designed, so it’s easy to understand and implement in your training process. All drills are chosen in a way, so a team of any level could successfully put them into practice.

5. Do I have to pay for bonuses too?

No, the bonuses are included in the price, so you don't have to pay for them.

6. In what format will I receive these drills?

The set of drills is in PDF format.


Working for your victories!

Artyom Samoylov, CEO