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Why it's necessary for a manager to have a team of mentally and emotionally strong players? It's important, when it comes to tense games (when a lot is at stake), when recovering from a big defeat, when a team plays a final etc. Mental strength of players will have many other positive consequences, such as healthy atmosphere within a team, positive thinking, good share of optimism and expectations for a season etc.

At the same time, there are a lot of things, that can get your players down psychologically: the team loses another game, player's old injury starts to show itself, he just broke up with his girl friend etc. In this circumstances often the player starts to think, that everything is falling apart.

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Here are 6 things to tell players in order to encourage them, when they are pessimistic:

1. Tell, that your understand, that it's seams, that everything if falling apart. But this is an illusions, created by his brain. He should make his brain believe, that, in fact, the player himself is the one, controlling situation. In order to do that, the should try concentrating his thoughts on positive things. He must try to remember, what he has already achieved in life, in futsal and soon he will find out, that there are a lot of things, he can be proud of.

2. Tell your player, that this is his job to make sure, that he always have something good to remember. He should work for his positive experiences. He needs victories. As many as possible. That's why he should work hard on training sessions and give his best during games. That will lead to scored goals and victories – and that will provide with more positive experiences. In order to gain more of these positive experiences, the player should make his objectives in futsal (and life) a little easier to achieve. He should start with smaller things – and go on, step by step, achieving them. This approach will strengthen his self belief, which will make it easier to achieve more serious goals.

3. Your player must remember, that nothing in this world is perfect. And the same with achieving objectives – never this process will be going on without any mistakes and loses on a way. And if something goes wrong - the player must pull himself together. Tell him, that his pessimism has the upper hand now and soon will attack his brain. So the player must counter-attack! He should also remember, that every problem is a opportunity in disguise! There is always something positive even in the worst situation.

4. Everything must be thrown in fighting against pessimism. Here's a secret weapon – ancient as a world copying instinct. People always, in one way or another, copy, what other people do. This must be used in case, when a person is pessimistic. Tell your players to communicate with optimists more! You can even take him to a party or some event and introduce him to some optimistic people you know.

5. Ok, if the player in trouble has no friends and doesn't want to get meet new people, there is still a way to fight his pessimism. It's simple – he should smile more. Doesn't matter, that he is feeling down and a smile came out to be forced. It's still a smile – and it feels a little better. That happens, because his brain is confused again. He should get ready – his blood will now receive the hormone of happiness – endorphin.

6. In order to believe, that situation might get better, it's important to believe in yourself. Tell you player to work on that. Let him go to the gym or a swimming pool, start jogging every morning. Feeling sharp is the best way to strengthen his self esteem.

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