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One of the key factors of successful player carrier is being at the right place at the right moment. For a player this means to be in the right team at the right moment of playing career.

Here are some suggestions, which a player can take into consideration before deciding which team to play for:

1. Before the actual decision to join a certain team, a player should take a moment and analyze the history of a team – when a team was developed, what are achievements of a team etc.;

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2. It is necessary to meet the management (not only a coach) to know where the team is going: what are the objectives of a team, is there a good financial situation in the club, what the management is expecting from it's players (if a team manager is also a coach, then it's necessary to address these questions to him) etc.;

3. A player should meet the coach (if a manager and a coach is not the same person) – ask about formation and tactics a team prefers, what role a coach sees for you, is there any training camps during mid-season etc.;

It's important to analyze the selection – what players are playing on your potential position, what skills do they have, can you compete with them (if not a the moment, then at least in the future) etc.;

4. A player has to know what are his chances of becoming a regular first team player – at certain point of a carrier sometimes it is more important to play regularly for the first team in a lower league, than to get only little playing time in a much better team;

It's necessary to know what atmosphere is there in a team – is it an environment, where you will feel comfortable or the one where you will suffer.

Remember – it is very important for you to understand that finding a right team is vital for your development as a futsal player.


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