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There are training sessions, which end late in the evening. This happens, because often it is quite hard to find a free pitch to train in a suitable time. So in order to have training, it's necessary sometimes to train late. Such training sessions are not the best choice and it's better for players, if the training session ends until 9 p.m. This is the perfect time for the body to start getting ready for a good night rest. However it is not always possible.

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So, if, as a coach, you have to train your team late, you have to remember four things:

1. You should not make your players do heavy physical exercises – don't make them do sprinting exercises to much, for example.

2. Don't make a late training session – a training session in a gym. Pulling weights just some hours before going to sleep is not smart. Weight lifting puts a very heavy load on the heart of a sportsman – this will cause him problems, when trying to fall into sleep.

3. Playing fun games during late training session is a smart thing to do – this will get players exited, so they will enjoy the process and as a result they won't be exhausted after the training session has finished. Means – they will feel better and be able to sleep well in the night;

4. Make a warm-up before and a warm-down after a late training session – this is vital.


Warming-down after a training session in this case is even more important, than warming-up before it. Here are some suggestions on, what exercises you should give your players to do as a coach, so they could warm-down after the end of a training session:

1. After the training session is finished tell your players to run 2-3 laps around the pitch in a slow tempo – this will allow their organisms to cool down a little bit;

2. Make your players shoot at goal from different positions (each player 5-7 times) or make them practice penalties – players will cool down, while still practicing useful things;

3. Give your players stretching exercises to do, so they could stretch their leg muscles (calves, Achilles tendon muscle etc.);

4. As a last activity of the day, tell your players to lie down on their backs on the floor near the wall, put their legs on the wall (legs should be straight, stretched wide and at right angles to the floor). Players should lie like this for 2-3 minutes. That will allow the blood with less oxygen to flow out from their tired legs, so the new blood would be able to flow into the muscles faster. 


As a result of this method, the legs of your players won't be “heavy” after a late training session and during the next couple of days, so players will be sleeping well during the night and feel fresh in the days to come.


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