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Today the term Futsal Manager is often used, when people talk about the coach of a futsal team. In amateur teams usually the functions of a manager and coach are often fulfilled by the same person. Although is some teams (mostly professional ones), there is a completely clear distinction between the functions of a manager and the functions of a coach. So, what is the main difference between them? The main difference is in their functions and responsibilities.

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If a manager and a coach in a futsal team are two different persons, then ideally the main functions of a futsal team manager would be:

[1] Strategic: futsal team manager provides with a strategy of a club (both short and long-term) and short action plans;

[2] Financial: the futsal team manager is responsible for developing the budget of a futsal team;

[3] Representative: the manager is the person, which represents the club to the rest of the world – on different events, in talks with potential sponsors and partners etc.

[4] Coordinating: the manager of a futsal team coordinates the work of the staff (coach, assistants, physiotherapists etc.); whether the club is heading towards the achieving of a strategic short and long-term goals etc.

[5] The last but, but not the least - inspirational and innovative functions: the futsal team manager is the one, who drives the staff and players of a club forward, inspires them by setting inspirational objectives and also the one, who should be constantly providing with new ways for the club to function (for example, taking the team out to international tournaments once in a while or inviting futsal specialists or star players for master class etc.).

On the other hand, the main functions of a futsal team coach are:

[1] Training (both team and individual): organizing the training process, which is oriented for achieving the main short and long-term strategic goals of a club;

[2] Psychological: the coach is responsible for creating a positive working atmosphere within a team;

[3] Leading: the coach is the leader to his players; he is an example for his players and the one, who leads them during matches and tournaments.

Remember, ideally the functions of a manager and a coach must be divided between two different persons. In this case, the development and improving of the club would be more effective. If it is the same person, who is responsible for everything, then this person should prioritize some functions above all the others. It would be smart to concentrate on the following functions, while fulfilling others only if there is time:

[1] Strategic;

[2] Financial;

[3] Training.

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