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Individual player improvement is one of the key success factors of a team. Coaches should pay a lot of attention to this aspect of a game. But still it's not only about how and what a coach will do in order to improve player individual skills, it is also very important for a player himself to stimulate the process of improvement.

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There are certain things, which a player must do in order to improve faster and more effective:

1. Staying “sharp” – in order to be always in form a player must approach each training session as a professional. That means – giving 100% in every exercise, training match and tournament game. That also means completing some additional exercises after a training session has ended (fox example practicing free kicks), jogging in the mornings and training in a gym in those days, when there is no training session etc.

2. Positive motivation – although a good coach will find a way to motivate his players, a player must be able to motivate himself too. Every player as a sportsman should always have his own objectives that he wants to achieve. A player should be positive about his perspectives and motivated to improve (always trying to achieve his personal best in exercises or matches can be a very good example of motivating yourself);

3. Watching other teams and players in action – this is very important, because by watching other games a player is gaining the experience too. It is necessary to watch, how players move off and with the ball, what they do in different situations (for example under pressure);

4. Use your free time right – try to read useful information during your free time. You can always find many different useful information and tips on our website. Get educated and become a professional at what you do.

There are also some other things, a player can do to improve his performance:

1. Enjoy being in action – a player should use every second to improve skills of a futsal player;

2. A player should love a competition – competition is what drives us all forward. A player should always try to compete on a training session, on a match, in life;

3. A player shouldn't show his critical attitude towards adult idols – he should show the respect to true professionals, to people that have achieved a lot etc.


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