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Preparing for the next game begins just at the moment when the previous game has ended. You need to rest your muscles – light stretching and massage after a game would be good choice. Get good sleep after a game. Don't think about mistakes you made – you will do it in the next day during match analysis. Now you have to understand that a game has been already played, so try to rest. After you have made an analysis of the game in the next day, divide what is that you have to work on and improve in the next game and start working in that direction.

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It's important to remember that a match preparation consists of preparing yourself both mentally and physically. It's vital to start your preparations at the right moment – not too late and not too early. Ideally you should start you preparation two days before the actual game. It's recommended that until that you are not thinking about it, doing other more current things. It is also not that good if you are thinking about a game only on the morning on a match day.

What is mental preparation? You have to imagine yourself doing thing you need to do and imagine doing them well. For example if you are a defender who's beginning attacking plays, imagine good sight of the pitch and making good pass to attacker. You should not be afraid, that there is going to be something that you will do badly during a game. No one knows for sure what will happen in the future. Your job is to do your best to achieve a better result. Then you will have no regret.

There is another side of preparation to the game – it's physical. You have to get your body in the best shape you can to the moment of a kick-off. This is not only training (let your coach worry about that). This also involves a good sleep and eating.

For example foods like pasta, potatoes and toast are high in carbohydrates and will help give you the energy to play at your peak, so make them part of your pre-match routine. But don't eat this kind of food less than 3 hours before the game, because this type of food need some time to digest. It's also crucial that you take to the field well hydrated. Drink small portions of water of special sport drinks regularly right up until the action begins. Try not to overload yourself with drinks so you don't feel bad, just try to keep the amount of water in your body on the same level – on the level when you feel most comfortable.

One of the big dangers is that too much alcohol before a game will leave you dehydrated. This in turn reduces the ability of your muscles and mind to work effectively, which is why people often lack concentration and feel lethargic or stiff on a hangover.

Alcohol also disrupts sleeping patterns. As it was said earlier the deeper the sleep the better in terms of preparation for futsal game, but too many drinks prevent you from getting into the deep slumbers during which you're most relaxed.

Drinking and eating during play can help to replenish your energy levels. You'll often see professional futsal players take regular sips of isotonic sports drinks during breaks in the game. Research shows that, at all levels, the vast majority of goals in futsal are scored in the second half, both at professional and amateur levels. This is down to fatigue and lapses in concentration, so being able to last the distance is absolutely crucial to success.


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