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What drill to you use, so your players could warm-up well? Are you sure, that those drills, that you are using, help players not only to warm their main muscles up, but also – get player's spirits up and get them ready and motivated for a training session? Are those drills, that you are using, fun? And finally, can those drills teach players something?

There is one drill, that can do it all! This is, so called, futsal handball. Why is it called like that? Because it's practically a handball game, but with some changes in the rules, so players can experience situations, that often occur during a futsal game.

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The basic rules of this game are:

1) 2 teams with minimum 4 and maximum 10 players each;

2) 1 futsal ball (size 3 or 4);

3) whole futsal pitch is used;

4) no goalkeepers – only field players;

5) every player has a limit of 4 steps, while holding the ball in the hands – after 4th step he must pass the ball to a teammate;

6) the player cannot make a pass to a teammate, from which he just received a pass (for ex., if the player nr.1 made a pass to a player nr.2, then player nr.2 cannot pass the ball back to a player nr.1 – he should pass it to a player nr.3);

7) the shot at goal must be taken with any part of the body, except with hands;

the shot at goal can be taken from any position on the pitch;

8) the goal is scored only, if the shot was taken after the pass and while the ball is still in the air;

9) if the ball touches the ground, the opposite team complete a throw-in (with hands).

This drill (game) not only helps to warm all necessary muscles up and involves the element of fun, but also helps to improve such skill as:

1) making yourself available to receive a pass from a partner;

2) the habit of making a move to a free space right after passing the ball to a partner;

3) short-passing;

4) the habit to involve all players into action (not only passing the ball forward to strikers, but also build-up the play while passing to defenders – skill to combine).

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