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When your team has a very tough match, every opportunity is precious. Therefore in this kind of matches teams simply cannot afford missing chances. And especially when we are talking about one on one situations. And also especially when we are talking about futsal, where one on one situations are a rear case. This is a 100% chance to score a goal – hard to imagine a better one, so it must be scored!

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Nevertheless it's a 100% chance, not always does a ball end up in the net as a result. Why so? Because it only looks easy to score when you are one on one. The truth is – it's very hard. Every one on one situation is a little duel between a keeper and a striker. In this article we provide you with 6 tips how to win this duel being a striker. Instruct your strikers to:

[1] Hit the far bottom corner. This is one of the best ways to score past a keeper in one on one situation. Important thing to remember is that a shot to the far bottom corner must be executed only if a striker is going one on one from the flank, not from the middle. This is always the most unsecured area of the goal.

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[2] Hit a ball just near to the pivot leg of a keeper. There is no need to put all your strength in this shot, just make it precise and well executed. It's very hard for the keeper to react and get down in time to get a ball which is so near to his pivot foot.

[3] Hit trough the legs of a keeper. In one on one situation a keeper tries to cut all the angles and cover every possible way of a shot, so usually he spreads his legs and hands wide. So a shot through the legs is very unexpected for a keeper – even if this is an experienced keeper. This shot should be executed well – there is no need to put all your strength into it, just hit the space between the legs of a keeper.

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[4] Fake a shot. This is also very effective. But it should only be done when a striker has some time to do it. It is not recommended to do it when a defender is just behind, because faking a shot will give a defender a time he needs to cover a striker. Nevertheless faking a shot is effective way to confuse a keeper a send him the wrong way.

[5] Lob past a keeper. This is very rear to futsal, when a keeper is far enough out of the goal to make a successful lob past him. But these situations appear from time to time, so it should be mentioned here. When lobing past a keeper the most important thing to remember is that it's important to chose the right height and strength of the shot. Ideally a ball should be played about 1,5m above a keeper's head and lend on a ground not more that 1m from a goal line. Practice!

[6] Use speed to go past a keeper. Opportunities to go past a keeper do not appear that often in futsal too, but they still do sometimes. If a striker is going on a good speed and a keeper is out of the goal enough, a striker should use his speed go past a keeper. For a keeper in this kind of situation will be difficult to turn around (facing his goal) to chase a striker.


Remember that it's very important for a striker to stay calm and confident in one on one situation. In order to get a ball past a keeper a striker must be sure of what he is doing and have skills to do it. As a coach you must make sure your players practice one on ones often enough, so they feel “like home” in a duel with a keeper.


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