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Futsal Coaching:

How to take a free-kick


Ability to take a good free-kick is so vital in futsal! It is a clear opportunity to score a goal. It does not matter, which team you play against. If you can take a good free-kick and really know, how to do it well, then you can score against any level of a team. In futsal goals scored from free-kicks are about 40% of all goals! Don’t underestimate free-kick’s value.

When taking a free-kick you have to know exactly, where you want to hit the ball and where you want to send it in the end. It’s important to keep balance of your non-hitting foot. On the other hand, when you decide, where you want to send the ball, you should accordingly choose the part of the boot, with which you’re actually going to hit the ball.

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When you shoot, you have to understand, that if you make a technically correct shot, no keeper in the world would be able to stop it. That’s, what I like about free-kicks most – it’s only up to you: if you hit it perfect, not the wall, nor the keeper will be able to protect a goal.


Remember: To score free-kicks, you have to practice a lot! So keep discipline!


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