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Any sportsman has to have his personal goals – something he wants to achieve, something he wants to become. In this section we are going to give you some tips on how to set your personal objectives. There are different levels of objective setting.

First of all you have to decidewhy are you in sport after all – why are you doing what you are doing, is it something you will do to strengthen your health or the most important for you is to get popular or win titles.

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Your next step would be creating a "big picture" of what you want to become at the end of the road. Do you want to be rich, famous, the best in your sport etc. Decide what you want to achieve in sport. This will be your biggest objectives.

Then you need to think of what are the methods to achieve your goals. For example if you want to become the best futsal player in the world, one of your methods would be winning a major international tournament.

After you have decided what your methods are going to be, you have to set an action plan. For example, if you want to win an international futsal tournament, you have to get yourself in a team that is capable of it (that's if we are talking about club tournament) or to the national team (that's if we are talking about national team tournament).

Then you have to divide your action plan to smaller objectives. For example improve your basic futal skills, improve certain skills needed on your position, improving tactical knowledge, becoming a stronger psychologically etc.

After you have an action plan with small objectives, you have to put the plan into an action. Don’t' hesitate. If you have a good plan you should just get disciplined and start to achieve your objectives.


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