“Finish Him!” – NEW Fatality Drill Pack

Finish your opponents off!

This is a specially designed set of drills to teach your players score in 80% of situations!

You probably remember some games, where you were leading by a goal or two and everything seemed to be under control. Your team had many opportunities to score, took several shots on goal.. but still could not score 4-5 goals and finish the game off. In the end your opponent somehow manages to level the game and as a result – your team draws or even loses a match, where everything was going your way.

Suppose you managed a team in the game against a very strong opponent, but managed to play very good defensively and concede less. In this kind of situation, if your players knew, how to score in those couple of moments, that you have during the game – your team could still have won the game. That’s because if you do well defensively against a stronger opponent and score in 80% of your chances, you can beat such an opponent!


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Maybe you had a situation, when your team was playing a very even game. The game is tight and it’s so hard to get a shot on goal, because your opponent’s defense is like a rock! In these games opportunities are priceless and your team has to be able to score as a chance presents itself. Usually, the team which can score 2 goals out of 3 shots, or 3 goals out of 4-5 shots wins the game in these situations. This is what makes the result! This is what makes winners out of losers. This is what gives you titles!

The set of drills, which I am presenting here has only one objective: teach your players to score in at least 80% of situations!


From Author:

My name is Artyom Samoylov. I am the CEO of Futsal Internet College ( I've been constantly involved in futsal since 2003. And during this time I managed to read over 60 books about futsal, organize 12 futsal tournaments, captain and coach my own futsal team during 2 seasons, help to coach 23 different amateur futsal teams, consult almost 80 futsal team managers from all over the world, write an e-book on futsal management which was sold with almost 400 copies during a period of just one year, make a couple of DVDs etc.

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Your players will improve such skills as:

[1] 1st touch

[2] Passing accuracy

[3] Shooting

[4] Shooting accuracy

[5] Shooting with a toe-poke

[6] Turning with the ball

[7] Timing

[8] Pivot Turn

[9] Losing Cover

[10] Finishing

[11] One on One


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This set of drills will also teach them, how to improve:

[12] Technique

[13] Team play

[14] “Pass and move” system of play

[15] Acceleration

[16] Reaction

[17] Dribbling

[18] Lob passing

[19] Faking

[20] Leg strength

[21] Stamina

[22] Short-passing

[23] Control with the sole of the foot

[24] Speed

[25] Sprinting

[26] Jumping etc.


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What information do You get?

This set of drills consists of:

[1] Detailed picture of the drill

[2] Main objectives of the drill

[3] Instruction of how to set the drill up

[4] Instruction of how to play it

[5] Variations of the drill

[6] Recommendations of what a coach should shout

[7] Important notes, where I recommend come aspect, that are important to remember, concerning this exact drill

[8] Recommended duration of the drill

[9] Recommended intensity of the drill

[10] Recommendations of when (in which situations) this drill should be used

[11] Difficulty level of the drill


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Print and go!


These drills will save you so much time! You need only 2-3 minutes, to decide, which drills you are going to need for the training session (according to your training plan) and another 2-3 minutes to print them. 5-6 minutes and you are ready for the training session, because all necessary information (in all details) is there with you already!


There is a BONUS too!


You will get a bonus set of 5 drills (5 PDF files) absolutely for free.

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What do you get in the end?

20 drills (20 PDF files) and 5 bonus drills (5 PDF files) = 25 Drills in 25 PDFs.

Normally you would be paying 9$ for just 20 drills, but I will give you 


25 drills for 9$.

It’s only 0,36$ for each drill!


Split it!

If the total amount of players in your team is 10, it’s only 

0,9$ from each player! For 25 drills!


Review from a custommer:

“Futsal Internet College” ( is a great resource centre to all who are involved in futsal. I’ve bought some products and gained a lot of new knowledge on how to manage a futsal team with fewer mistakes, how to use tactics and prepare my team for a tournament. I highly recommend futsal products of Artyom Samoylov to other coaches and managers, so that they too can benefit from it. Thank you, Artyom!”

Awang Zaifulizan Abdul Rahman bin Awang Mohamed (ZAI)

Chief Administrator, Vikings Futsal Sarawak & Borneo Regional Office (EAST MALAYSIA)


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FAQ about ordering products from

1. How fast will I get all materials?

I send the PDF set to you email within first 24hrs maximum from the moment when I receive your money on one of my accounts.

2. Is there any customer support?

If you have any questions about the order or the course itself, just write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , I will respond within 24hrs and we will find a solution to any of your problems.

3. How can I pay for PDFs?

Just click ORDER NOW button.

4. What minimum skills do my players need to successfully implement these drills effectively?

This set of drills is specially designed, so it’s easy to understand and implement in your training process. All drills are chosen in a way, so a team of any level could successfully put them into practice.

5. Do I have to pay for bonuses too?

No, the bonuses are included in the price, so you don't have to pay for them.

6. In what format will I receive these drills?

The set of drills is in PDF format.


Working for your victories!

Artyom Samoylov, CEO