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Stamina is a key attribute for playing futsal. Maintaining a high level of stamina gives futsal players:

1. legs that feel fresher & stay more energetic for longer periods during a match;

2. the edge over opponents with less stamina, because it enables players to maintain a high tempo until the very end of the game;

3. the ability to think sharper for longer (better concentration) on the pitch – a tired body makes brain function significantly slower;

4. a stronger heart and as a result better overall health, leading to better performance, improved morale and lower risk of injury!

So what is the best way to improve stamina?  The answer is: jogging!

Become a Futsal Master!



Here are our 15 tips on correct jogging technique:

1. Wear comfortable clothing

2. Listen to inspiring music that encourages you to be energetic

3. Jog smart: start jogging not earlier than 4am and not later than 8pm. This is the safest time for your heart. If you do it in the period between 8pm to 4am, you will be damaging your heart - that is not smart.

4. Do a little warm-up before jogging. Just 5-7 basic exercises for your legs, arms, shoulders, neck, wrists and back. Do it in 3-4 minutes.

5. Don't start your jogging in a high tempo

6. Jog slowly the first 300m.

7. After 300m change the tempo to the one that you want to maintain for the rest of your jog.

8. Breath right – breath IN for 4 STEPS with your NOSE then breath out for 4 STEPS with your MOUTH. This technique is ideal. However if you can't master this breathing method from the very beginning, give yourself some time to get used to it. Until then, breath in a way that more suits you.

9. If you have not done jogging for a long time, keep up your average tempo for just 30-40 minutes. No longer!  You should stop jogging after that, so choose your distance accordingly.

10. During your jog, when you feel tired, don't stop!  You can slow your tempo for 3-5 minutes until it is at a minimum, but don't stop!  If you do stop, it will be even harder for you to pick up the pace again, because your breathing gets interrupted.

11. Jog safe, guys :) Don't jog on busy roads, bridges or highways.. :) The ideal place is a local park or forest. Or a quiet neighbourhood with minimal distractions.

12. In futsal the tempo of the game changes all the time from very high!  So on your second jog, try to vary your running tempo too. After every 90 seconds, do a short sprint (20 steps) at maximum speed

13. Sprint at maximum speed in the last 200m of your jog.

14. At the end of your jog don't stop; keep jogging at your minimum tempo, then after 100m switch to walking. Continue walking for another 100m and then you can stop. This way you will let your heart calm down gradually without harming it.

Bonus tip: After jogging, do some exercises to strengthen your stomach muscles.  It is very important for a futsal player to have strong stomach muscles.


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