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Being a futsal manager is not an easy job. Yet still every team needs it's manager. Very often manager and coach is the same person (there is never just a coach and no manager), that means this person is fulfilling the duties of both manager and coach. There are a lot of processes in a team that are going on every day. And every process needs to be properly managed.

The first aspect of being a manager is psychological. We are going to be talking about it in our further articles, but this is something that cannot be stressed enough – a good manager is an effective manager. An effective manager is a leader. This is a person that is playing a leading role in a lot of processes going on inside and outside of the team. Some managers are born leaders, some of them – are not. But don't worry, if you are not a born leader, then there is always a way to learn how to be that person.

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The history knows a lot of examples, when a gifted leader is at the same moment a lazy man not capable of facing challenges. On the other hand, there are examples when a person that is not that gifted has a dream of taking control of his life and is not afraid to learn and face difficulties. The second person very often becomes a greater leader at the end.

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The second aspect of becoming a manager is practical – an effective manager is a person that is capable of analyzing, planning and putting the plan into practice. An effective manager has to be able to deal with current problems a team is facing, analyze all aspects of a team carefully and try to find a way to make a team grow, motivate players and staff and in the end - get a team to achieving better results.

So remember - if you are going to become a manager, you have to be able to organize yourself first. You should be an example to all team staff. You should be positively motivated, organized and disciplined. You should be able to plan in a short and long term – your every decision and action should be getting your team a little closer to achieving an objective.

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