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Some people say that it is more difficult to finish something, then to begin it. True! But it doesn't mean that beginning is easy. And if this something is – building your own team, than it is also not that easy. Especially when you are starting from zero – with no experience, no resources, no pitch, no players, no information about where to start from. Yet, great news! If you're motivated enough, if you know that managing your own team is what you want to do and what you could do well, then all those problems, mentioned above, are nothing.

First thing's first – you have to make a decision, that you want to manage your own team. In order to decide whether you want to do it or not, you should know that managing a team (even if it's a small amateur team) is going to take a lot of time – especially in the beginning. There are a lot of phone calls you are going to be dealing with, a lot of emails, meetings etc. So basically you have to get ready to find time for all of it.

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So you have made a decision to manage your own team. Good for you! Now you have to decide whether it is going to be an existing team or you are going to build your own team. If you chose the first option – than you should already have some experience in doing to. Well, not exactly true – you can manage an existing team with no experience also, but the result is probably not going to be that good. So if you have no experience in managing a team, the best thing to do – is to build your own team. This is probably a little more complicated, but the knowledge you are getting is priceless. Your manager skills will be getting better much faster when you are going through all the processes on your own.

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Getting ready is another very important thing you to do. Doesn't meter whether you have only heard of what futsal is, or already watched some games or even played (or maybe you are a professional futsal player), you still have to do your home work and prepare a little. Before actually putting yourself into the middle of action, read at least some basic information about managing your own team. Our website provides a lot of useful information and tips on many different tasks you may face during managing your team.

Remember that managing your own team gives you a lot of opportunities. You will learn a lot about different things – management, coaching, planning, leading, coordinating, convincing, motivating, delegating, cooperating, promoting, merchandising etc. Imagine how many useful skills you get out of this process (skills that you will be able to use in your life, job or future business) – and it is all while having a lot of fun.

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