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Friendly game is a very important aspect of training process. Therefore in this article we will try to give some information for futsal team managers on, how to correctly arrange a friendly game.

Why is it so important to know, how to arrange a friendly?

1) First of all – your team should have right opponent. It means, that depending on different circumstances and time period (preseason, midseason or the end of the season, before or after an important game etc.), your team will need to face different opponents. For example, after your team was beaten several times in a row, it might be a good idea to play against a little less experienced team and feel the smell of victory again and gain some additional confidence. On the other hand, sometimes it's necessary to play against a stronger opponent in order to prepare yourself for big games.

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2) Second – your team should playing a friendly game in good conditions. Means – on a good pitch, in the city or in the nearest neighborhood, with the ability to take shower after the game etc.

3) Third – you team should be playing a friendly, where all futsal rules will be applied and respected etc.


How a futsal team manager should arrange a friendly game?

First of all, we would suggest to play against a team, that respects football values (such as rules, fair play principles etc.). and have good level of organization in between the team (so if you arrange a friendly, your opponent will definitely show up for the event and in good form – with balls and water with them instead of beer and chips). Therefore it might be smart to ask around (speak to other futsal team managers and local tournament organizers) about, what are the teams, that are suitable for this.

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Second, choose the opponent, that is reliable in his organizational approach to the arrangement of a friendly. Means – the team has a manager, that is able to bring his player to the game in time, in right quantity (not less, than 5 players) and well prepared. If the game is played away, the manager of the opponent team should be able to make dressing rooms available to your team at least 30 minutes before the game, and give at least 10-15 minutes on the pitch before the game to warm-up properly etc.

Third – choose teams, that are not against using the referee during a friendly game. It is important for your team to get used to playing by the rules. Refereed game also is the best way to simulate playing conditions of the tournament. In this case your team will get much more experience from a friendly and as a result – will improve much faster.

Fourth, as a futsal team manager you must make sure, that apart from organizational aspects, all sporting aspects are taken care off. For example, that your team is playing exactly the opponent, that it should be playing at this moment of the season. Means – the opponent, that plays the tactics you need to learn how to counter (if you want your team to learn, how to play against fast teams, that are using formation “Diamond” or play well in set-piece situations, than choose such team as your opponents in friendlies and practice, how to beat these teams).


Remember – it is important to arrange a friendly game well. Well organized friendly game will give almost as much experience for your players as a tournament game.


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