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Here are some goal-setting tips that every sportsman should use to improve faster:

[1] Each of your goals must be set in a positive manner – for example “Passing accuracy 90%”, not “Less bad passes”;

[2] Your goals should be precise. In order to do this you have to make a deadline for any goal and use this of a precise result you want to achieve – for example “First team player until the beginning of the next season”;

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[3] You should be able to measure your goals in order to know if you have actually achieved them – for example “First team player until the beginning of the next season – first team place in the next 15 games”;

[4] Categorize you objectives (goals) by their importance – what goals you will try to achieve first, what goals – last;

[5] Write you goals on paper. It is important, because it will give you a clear picture. [6] Don't write to much – one A4 page is just enough;

[7] Try to make your goal more concentrated and concrete, so you don't waste your time doing something that you don't really need that much;

[8] Your goals should be realistic – don't set a goal of becoming the best player on the planet in 6 month, for example. Such things usually take some time, you know. [9] Make it 3 years, for example. This will give you some time and will take some stress from you (don't give yourself too much time also; otherwise you might lose your motivation). And if you will be going to achieving your objective faster, you can always correct your little strategy – this is not a problem.

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Praise yourself! Don't forget to praise yourself the moment you have achieved every next goal. It can even be a simple thing – fox example buying your favorite sweet, or going to the restaurant with your friends or a life partner etc. And if you achieve next big goal you can praise yourself with something bigger – say, going for a trip. Praising yourself gives you a satisfaction of what you are doing, makes you feel you are on the right track – this will give you a motivation to continue!


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