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The role of the discipline within a team should never be underestimated. Discipline is the ground to success. Only the disciplined teams achieve results. The discipline within a team is a crucial factor to successful and constant improvement of a futsal team.

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The discipline within a team is achieved by implementing a certain rule of conduct on training sessions and games. For example, when a session starts all the players should gather before the coach, stop their talks and listen when a coach tells them what they will be doing during a training session. Or another example – 30 minutes (the amount of time may differ depending on a situation) before a tournament game starts, all the players should be already dressed in their uniforms and ready to begin the warming-up.

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The discipline within a team is especially vital in case if a team is amateur or consists of very young players (professionals usually don't have big problems within discipline... well, in most of the cases :) ). If you are coaching an amateur or very young team, then there are three things that you have to do before anything else:

[1] Come up with certain disciplinary rules for a team – a “code of conduct” sort of thing. This should be a short document (don't write to much – players will not be able to remember a 20 page long list of rules) – better if it's just one A4 page. In this document you should write from 8 to 12 main easy to understand disciplinary rules. [2] Don't have time to do it? No worries! We have prepared an example for you. All you need is to subscribe to our free tips for futsal managers and coaches and you will get three documents every futsal manager/coach must have (one of them is Disciplinary rules for a club). We have prepared PDF and DOC versions so if there is a need you could always adjust the rules to your situation.

[3] Give these rules to any player you have, give them some time to read these rules and ask you questions in case if there is something they do not understand;

[4] Be consistent and respond adequately if some of the players break these rules and act in inappropriate manner. Your reaction in this case should be immediate and fair, so the players know that you are serious about implementing discipline within a team.


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