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The time players spend together, while they are not on a training session or a tournament game, is very important aspect in the process of the development of this team. First of all, informal team meetings give your players the opportunity to communicate with other players and talk about the things, which are not connected with futsal. Players get to know each other better and the microclimate inside the team only benefits from that. As a result the atmosphere in the team rises. Such team will always get better results during tournament games.

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One of the main responsibilities of a futsal manager is to coordinate the situation with club informal meetings and make sure, that these kind of activities do happen regularly. At the same time it's not at all necessary to get together every week or even every month. Sometimes even once in 6 month will be enough. These meetings should be devoted, for example, to the start or the end of the season. Or any other reason.

For the manager of a futsal team such club meetings are also the chance to chat with his players in the different type of situation, than the one, he got used to. This only makes the connection between a manager and a player tighter. This is how a manager can get to know some problems of players, who are bothering them and then react to these problems in time.

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These meetings are also an opportunity for a futsal manager to tell his players about the plans for upcoming season or say thank you for the effort and good performances during the current season. At the same time the manager should remember, that talking for too much is not smart. You have to make your words count. In order to do that, take all your thoughts to three main points. Be short and impressive. Players should remember tomorrow, what you have told them today. It would be better, if the presentation of the manager during such events as team informal meetings comes down to just 10-15 minutes. It is completely enough!

Remember – regular informal team meetings are very important in terms of the development of your team, therefore make your presentations well prepared, informational, impressive and dynamic!


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