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If the tournament is in other city:

[1] Arrive a day before, so you have time to settle down and get some good night sleep;

[2] As a manager make a list of most important things, that players must have with them on the trip (for ex., passport, money, food, sleeping bag, training kit, match kit, shoes etc.).

You don't want to have some organizational problems, when you only need to think about playing..

If the tournament is in your own city - the team must be there at least 1,5-2 hours before actual start of your game.

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Getting enough sleep:

[1] Players must sleep at least 7-8 hours during the night before the tournament;

[2] One day tournaments are usually 7-12 hours long, so your players have to be fresh.

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Eating right:

[1] Players should not eat too much in the morning;

[2] Better, if they have some easy breakfast (no bread, potatoes or pies);

[3] Better to have some fresh fruit juice, eat some eggs, bananas or oatmeal.

Eating during the day:

[1] The team will have to wait long between their games, so it's smart to have some meal with you;

[2] No soda! Fresh water, bananas, little bit of nuts, chocolate, couple of apples..;

[3] Again – no potatoes, bread or meat. These products digest very long time and use a lot of your energy for it.

Warming-up and Warming-down:

Ohh.. this is the most important part of the whole process. As a manager you must be ready to gather a team for 5-10 minutes BEFORE and AFTER a game for this.


[1] 20 minutes before each game warm-up and stretch OFF the pitch for 10-15 minutes.

[2] You won't be getting to much time on the pitch before the game, because it's one day tournament and games are going back to back... so have some 3-5 minutes warm-up ON the pitch with the ball: Some passes between players and shots at goal.


[1] Just AS important AS warming-up! Remember it.

[2] Warming-down (some stretching exercises) during 5-10 minutes reduces the risk of injuries to 50%!


Some “don't forgets”:

[1] Players must have spare shoes with them;

[2] The manager must have 1-2 spare match kits for the team;

[3] Would be smart to have at least 5-6 bibs (in case if your opponents have the same kit colour);

[4] Managers, have your team to come together 2 minutes before the start of the game for a basic instructions;

[5] Managers, try to rise a concentration of your players before each game;

[6] Sometimes it's going to be hard for them to “switch themselves on” after they've waiting for 1-1,5 hrs.;

[7] Ideally a team should watch other games and do it together;

[8] The more things and processes team is doing together, the better (it's a team, not a group of individuals)! It keeps them organized plus gives a good image of the team and of the manager;

[9] If the level of organization is high, it will have a positive impact on the pitch too;

[10] Get as much supporters (friends, relatives, fans etc.) to a tournament as you can. It also shows a high level of organization and gives a motivational boost for players! During one day tournaments supporters can really make a huge difference;

[11] And finally – Work hard and try to have fun! After all it's the game we all love so much! Enjoy the process. This kind of approach can only help you win!


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