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Futsal Management: Match Analysis


Have you ever filmed your match? When you participate in the match as a player or a coach, you are experiencing so many different emotions and it's not at all possible for you to analyse. You have to make quick decisions. Sometimes you don't even know, if it's a right decision or not. There is no time for a detailed analysis or any hesitation. This is why videos of the games are needed. When you watch your game again on a video, you can analyse every detail of it - with no rush, no stress.

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If you film and analyse your matches on a regularly basis, you will learn 70% faster and know about your team 80% more, than before. In professional team sports coaches spend up to 20 hours a week just to sit down and watch videos of the games of their team and of opponents. I talk more about video analysis (including about when, where and how to film and analyse your game in my book “Biggest futsal management mistakes”.

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