Why do some futsal managers lead their teams to victories and trophies, while others only have occasional success?


Spend just a few minutes reading this and you will understand.


Some people, who only start their work in futsal management, are spending so much time and effort to achieve something good, but nevertheless after 1-2 year there are standing practically on the same place in their improvement.

But not everybody knows, that working “a lot” doesn’t necessarily mean working effective. Only the ones, who know, how to work effective, are able to achieve success in a short period of time.





My name is Artyom Samoylov. I am the CEO of Futsal Internet College on

The things I'm going to be talking about here are addressed to only those people, who already have experience in futsal management or coaching, but still are not satisfied with the results and those, who are only wishing to start their journey in futsal world as a manager or a coach. So, if you are not from this category, don't even waste your time and close this page at once.


So, let's begin.


There is a great business rule, which applies to many processes: 20% of all people involved in some process are managing 80% of all resources and/or are getting 80% of all possible success. Have you even asked yourself, why is it like that?

There are many really good actors in the movie business, but only 20% of these actors get 80% of success and money involved in cinema industry. The same thing applies to sports: there are a lot of really great tennis players, but only 20% players are the ones, who keep winning all major tournaments. Finally – the exact same thing applies to futsal management, where only a small part of futsal managers, who start their carrier are becoming successful at the end.


So why is it like that?


Is it really the truth, that futsal manager, who is winning 10 times more futsal matches with his team is working 10 times harder?

Of course, not.

In my DVD I am giving you the information, that has already been tested on different levels of futsal and, I know, is useful and is really working. I am sharing my own experience as long with the experience of my colleagues and friends, who have successfully integrated these tactics in their team's play – coaches and managers of amateur futsal teams and teams, participating in UEFA Futsal Cup.


This DVD consists of:

[1] 42 attacking combinations;

[2] Attacking combinations for every possible formation;

[3] 7 videos with bonus advices on how you can implement these tactics faster and more effective.


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You won’t find anything like this!


This is the first DVD of it’s kind, that is providing detailed videos of tactical offensive plays, which start with playing the ball from your defense! This is, where most of the teams usually have problems.


In what situations these tactical offensive plays can be used?


[1] When your team plays the ball from defense under a high pressure from the opponent.

[2] When your team is not capable of keeping the possession of the ball more, than your opponent does and therefore – needs to play out a surprisingly quick and effective attacking move.

[3] When your team’s players are not the good with passing the ball – most of the combinations are very simple and amazingly effective, so your players don’t have to have a super high level of skills.


Why ordering this DVD?


[1] Simple combinations – don’t have to practice them a lot on a training session.

[2] Videos are very informative, detailed, providing with all the necessary aspects and comments to each combination.

[3] There are offensive set-plays on this DVD, which can be used, while playing any of futsal formations.

[4] Almost half of offensive moves, shown on DVD, may be used each in 2-3 different futsal formations at once.

[5] Most combinations are so simple and effective, that there is no need for your players to have high level of futsal skills in order to use these set-plays.

[6] Approx. 10% of videos are with really sophisticated and long combinations – for real tactical geniuses.


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Take a look at some examples:


If you need this DVD…


The thing is that since was first registered in January 2010 I keep receiving a lot of questions about offensive moves, which are started from the defense! So I thought: “Why not. There are a lot of combinations, that I am using with the teams, that I train. Plus there are couple of colleagues (futsal coaches of different levels), that also have a lot of different offensive set-plays, which they are using daily and that really give the result.”

That’s how I came up with the idea to take all combinations, that me and my colleagues use - analyze them to decide, which ones are the most effective and most often lead to goals and create a set of detailed videos with all the necessary comments.

As I understood from many e-mails of my subscribers, that very often the problem is in ineffectiveness of a training process (not knowing which tactics to focus on) and lack of time to practice these tactics, as a result – a lot of effort, stress and nevertheless – a lot of lost matches.

The most interesting is that many people share the same feeling: the feeling, that you have a good potential, but something it’s just “not working right” and you still don’t have good results.

This DVD is very easy to watch. You can always stop, play back or chose the exact offensive set-play for exact futsal formation, that you need.


The information (drills, tactics, combinations, advices etc.) given in any of my products is completely UNIQUE


and is NOT repeated in any of my other products!


3,5 hours of tactical information! 

This DVD consists of 3,5 hours of practical information (no unnecessary talks), which is visually easy to take. They sometimes say “As easy as pie”. This is exactly, what can be said about my program. It’s easy to take information in, it’s easy to implement it and the most important – it’s really works!


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First customer reviews:


Recently bought some of your products. One of them was “Out of defense to score” DVD.

This was the product, that I started with, because tactical information is the one, I need the most right now. If I were you I would have even called this DVD “Score easy!”, because this is exactly, what the course is teaching to do.

Thank you for your experience!

Surya Agung


Hello, Artyom!

I’ve got to say, that I never even knew, that there are so many formations in futsal! Now I not only know that there are many different formations, but I also know which tactical combinations I can use while playing these formations! Giving all this, you can imagine how much I learned for your DVD!

Thanks so much!

David Petr


Dear, Artyom!

I would like to thank you for this amazing DVD. This is exactly, what I was looking for … for a long time now. I finally found the information, which I can easily implement in my team’s system of play.

I like, that my team can switch formations, giving the exact situation and use combinations to score goals.

Keep up the good work!


Elof Elias


Hello, Artyom!

I must say, that I thought I knew a lot about tactics already – I am pretty experienced futsal coach (I coach for 13 years), so I thought I won’t find anything new in this DVD. Although I couldn’t find any information about tactics in video format, so I decided to try this course. YourDVDgavemesomanynewideasI am really surprised and will definitely recommend this DVD to my colleagues in Sri Lanka!

Kulap Thaksin



What about guaranties?

I give you two types of guaranties!

[1] Quality guaranty;

[2] Delivery guaranty.

I take on me all delivery risks. That means, that, if the course isn’t delivered or the product isn’t usable, I will send you another copy right away for free.


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That’s not it! You have a BONUS! 

Besides the main course I have created a bonus course, which ideally completes the picture. 

12$ (for you - 0$) 


Normally you would be paying for this 19$ + 12$ = 31$

I will give all this to you for just 19$!

You will get 60 (!) videos with tactical combinations and save 12$! 



You will also receive a YouTube DVD - COMPLETELY FOR FREE!

(You Save 15$)


It consists of all my videos on YouTube – you will have about 100 videos about futsal, which you can use for all your life!

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How can you pay for the course?


There are two types of payments available after you hit the button "Order Now". It's with your bank card (VISA/AMEX/MC) or by Paypal.

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Many people stay poor just because they haven’t decided to become reach. Many people stay unorganized just because they haven’t decided to become organized. Many futsal managers stay unsuccessful just because they didn’t decide to become successful.

Don’t be among those managers, who are losers. Make a decision to become a winner!


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FAQ about ordering products from


1. How fast will I get all materials?

I send the DVD out to you within first 48hrs from the moment when I receive your money on one of my accounts.

2. Is there any customer support?

If you have any questions about the order or the course itself, just write to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , I will respond within 24hrs and we will find a solution to any of your problems.

3. How can I pay for DVD?

Click ORDER NOW and choose your way to pay. Or click HERE for more payment options.

4. What minimum skills do my players need to successfully implement these tactics?

The course is easy to understand and implement. All tactics are chosen in a way, so a team of any level could successfully put them into practice.

5. Do I have to pay for bonuses too?

No, the bonuses are included in the price, so you don't have to pay for them.

6. In what format is the course?

The course is in DVD (video) format.




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Working for your victories!

Artyom Samoylov

CEO of